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How It Works

Creating & Maintaining Your Personal Retirement Plan

What to Expect

Organizing your finances can bring up many concerns and questions that feel difficult to answer on your own. Our goal is to work directly with you to answer your questions—we strive to be a partner to you and your family wherever you’re starting from and throughout your entire retirement. Our process centers around learning about your unique aspirations and educating you on your various options as we work collaboratively to set you and your family up for lasting success.

Step 1: 


In our first stages of meeting together, we look forward to meeting you and hearing about your goals, your family, your financial concerns, and your desired plans for the future. We’ll share how our services work and what to expect from a relationship with us.

Step 2: 


We sit on your side of the table as we partner interactively to consider your financial picture and how your retirement goals can fit into a plan that works for you. We take the time to explain your options in detail and welcome any questions or input you have.

Step 3: 


Once we’ve worked together to talk through your plan’s overall design, our team will put together a complete plan and walk through it with you. We’ll make any adjustments and establish your final plan.

Step 4:


McCall will guide you through implementing your plan, taking steps on our end and helping you with any actions on yours. Through an ongoing relationship together, we monitor your progress, make changes to your strategy as your life evolves, and are here as an overall source of dedicated support to your family throughout the years.

Start the Process

Let’s get acquainted. Set up time to talk to let us know what you need and to learn about our process.

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